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Ardmore, PA 19003 610-896-6435

Automobile insurance premium rates have been on the rise for the past several years, and they are expected to continue to increase in the immediate future. What is behind the higher rates and how might rapidly evolving technology affect automobile insurance in the years to come?

Ever since President George H.W. Bush talked about the “thousand points of light,” there has been considerable public attention on, and interest in, volunteerism. Most not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteers to some degree to fulfill their mission, and their insurance policies must address the associated liability brought on by volunteer programs.

Personal insurance typically provides individuals and families with protection against loss to their property and assets from such perils as fire, water damage, and liability lawsuits. However, there is another exposure that is becoming an increasingly dangerous threat in our technology-driven world – cybercrime.

Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O insurance) is important coverage that all companies (private and public) and not-for-profit institutions should consider carrying. It protects the assets of the entity’s directors and officers – and their spouses – in the event they are personally sued for wrongful acts or mismanagement of the organization.

With cyber attacks increasingly targeting businesses of all sizes, a growing number of small businesses are protecting themselves with cyber liability insurance designed to help them deal with the aftermath of a data breach. By providing financial support and services to help small businesses deal with aspects such as customer notification, data restoration, business interruption and other effects, cyber liability insurance can play an important role in helping a company survive a data breach or online attack.

With the number and sophistication of ransomware and other attacks on company networks and data increasing dramatically, choosing a backup service to protect your small business data is more important than ever.
For most companies, customer and financial data is critical to the daily operations, profitability and, ultimately, sustainability of their business. If data is lost or locked, or a company can’t operate its computing devices for any period of time, the business is likely to suffer financial and reputational damage.

Car insurance is a product that few people think about beyond the context of paying their annual premiums. As a result, many people neglect to adjust their policies as their circumstances change. That neglect can lead to costly problems if they cause an accident. Several life events warrant taking a close look at your auto insurance policy. Each one may cause a shift in your financial status. Failing to update your coverage amounts and the types of insurance included on your policy can expose you and your family to considerable financial risk. Read on to learn how four major life events can change your car insurance needs.

If you plan to travel this summer, you might rent a car. Many rental car companies advertise attractive rates, but when it comes time to pay for the rental, you are confronted with options that can increase the rate significantly. One of the more costly options is the collision damage waiver.

Small business owners rely on the Internet for everything from ordering stock to keeping in touch with customers. Unfortunately this brings exposure to the increasing threat of cyber crime. In addition to stealing money by fraud and deception, cyber criminals may set out to damage your reputation or put you out of business completely.

More and more people own household devices that connect to the internet. Simple ideas such as being able to control your heating and lights remotely or being able to open the front door even if you forgot your key can make life easier day today. But what are the risks? You protect your computer from viruses or malicious attacks by having antivirus software and keeping the operating system up to date.

Car accidents can be terrifying. In a moment, you’ve gone from a smooth ride to battered on the side of the road. With everything that happens in those few seconds, it can be hard to remember what to do next. However, it’s crucial that you take a few important steps, as failure to do so can result in having to pay for expensive repairs out of pocket, or worse, legal liability. Read on to find out the three steps you need to take immediately after a collision.

As a grandparent, you might be thinking about the future for your grandchildren. You know that you won’t be here forever to help take care of them, so you might be thinking about getting them a life insurance policy now while you have the time and money to do so. In fact, the gift of life insurance is often appreciated once a child grows into adulthood and realizes the sacrifice you have made to ensure their future.

You should have a clear idea of why you want to conduct an insurance review. What are your goals and expectations? If you have no concerns or are not aware of any problems, it is possible that you have just been lucky. It may be that you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s no surprise that studies show young adults are not into insurance. There are too many other financial challenges to worry about, such as paying off crushing student loan debt and saving for future goals. Actually, other studies show that younger adults would rather spend their money on such things as travel premium TV streaming services than use it to buy life insurance.

Buying a new home is exciting — and overwhelming. A lot goes into buying and moving into a new home. One item you will need to take care of is purchasing homeowners insurance. If this is your first time buying homeowners insurance, you may notice that it is more complicated than your typical auto insurance policy. Here are five things you should know before buying a homeowners policy.

In the United States, about 13 percent of all drivers are uninsured. What recourse do you have in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver? What happens if one causes a serious accident with injuries? BMT Insurance Advisors discusses what’s at risk and why purchasing uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is an important step toward ensuring that you and your family are protected in the event of an auto accident involving an inadequately insured driver.

Are you embarking on a construction project? You might consider getting a builders risk policy, a type of property insurance designed specifically for construction projects. It indemnifies against damage to buildings while they are under development, renovation, or construction. Since construction projects vary and no project is ever the same, there are several coverages, terms, and conditions to consider when structuring builders risk policies.

We all have treasured personal belongings. Some may be extremely valuable, others may only have sentimental value. The most recent newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., an insurance brokerage division of Bryn Mawr Trust, discusses why a valuable items insurance policy is a good investment to protect what you treasure most.

In today’s litigious society, it is important to protect your assets by carrying adequate levels of personal liability insurance. Accidents can – and do – stem from everyday activities and lead to devastating lawsuits. The most recent newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., an insurance brokerage division of Bryn Mawr Trust, discusses how

One of the most under-reviewed exposures of a business operation is business interruption coverage. Organizations must consider how a slowdown or suspension of business operations may affect their ability to generate income. The most recent newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., an insurance brokerage division of Bryn Mawr Trust, reviews a few of

Floods are the primary source of natural disasters in the United States. And, most homeowners policies do not cover damage caused by floods. The most recent newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., an insurance brokerage division of Bryn Mawr Trust, reviews flood risks, what flood insurance is available, and how to obtain a

Is your financial credit rating negatively – or positively – affecting the premiums you pay for personal insurance? The most recent newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., an insurance brokerage division of Bryn Mawr Trust, discusses how insurance companies use financial credit data and other factors to determine the premium rates charged for

There is yet another exposure facing businesses – social engineering fraud. The most recent insurance newsletter of Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc., a division of Bryn Mawr Trust, addresses why businesses may want to review their commercial crime and cyber liability exposures to determine whether they need to protect themselves with additional insurance coverage.