Here's what you'll need to apply.


Applying on-line is an easy 8-step process, and takes only about
15 minutes. You’ll need to have the following information,
so gather this information before you click to apply. If you have questions and would like to speak to a mortgage professional before you apply, please call us at 610-581-4819


Information you'll need to get started:

 Social Security Number for each borrower
 Employer(s) names(s) and complete address(es); if less
  than 2 years with present employer, include previous employer
•  Sources of down payment and closing costs
 Listing of all savings, checking and credit accounts, including

 account number, balances and name of financial institution

 Information on the property being purchased or refinanced


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Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage
Knowing just how much of a mortgage you can get gives
you confidence when you go home shopping. It also helps
you focus your attention only on homes in your affordable price
But most importantly — whether it’s a “buyer’s market”
or a “seller’s market” — it lets the seller know that you’re a
serious buyer and can afford the property.


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Downloadable Mortgage Application (pdf)
If you prefer, you can download an application which you can
print out, complete, and use to submit later, if you choose
to apply in person at any branch, or by calling 610-525-1700.


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NOTE: BMT Mortgage accepts on-line applications only for
properties in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. If you are
interest in applying for a mortgage on a property in another state,
please call us for more information at 610-581-4902.