Welcome, First Bank of Delaware Customers


Branch Banking

Beginning Monday, November 19th, you can visit the Concord branch at 1000 Rocky Run Parkway
or any of Bryn Mawr Trust’s branches you may find convenient.


Visa® Debit Cards

You should have received your Visa® Debit Card by now followed by the PIN mailer. If you have not received your card and pin mailer please contact us immediately at 610-525-1700.


You can begin using your new card on Saturday, November 17, 2012 after your account(s) have been moved to Bryn Mawr Trust’s computer systems at any ATM. For security reasons, it will be necessary to activate your new card at an ATM before making any purchases. Please use the assigned PIN number you received to activate your new card.


Changing Your PIN

If you would like to change your PIN, you can do so, after you have activated your card at any Bryn Mawr Trust ATM (including the ATM at the former First Bank of Delaware branch located at 1000 Rocky Run Parkway, Wilmington, Delaware). To change your PIN follow the steps below:

 Insert your card and enter your current PIN
 On the screen menu – Select Other
•  On the next screen menu – Select Other – once again
 On the screen menu – Select PIN Change

 When prompted enter your new PIN (you will then be prompted
    to re-enter your new PIN to confirm your selection)


When you have completed these steps your PIN will be changed effective immediately. Stop by the Concord Branch after November 19th and our employees will gladly help you change your PIN.


24/7 Telephone Banking

If you would like to use Telephone Banking you will need to enroll in the system. Enrollment in the system is easy. Beginning on Monday, November 19th , simply call 610-687-4BMT (4268) and follow the system enrollment instructions You will need your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN) and account number, The system will provide you with your access number, which will be used to access the system in the future. If you do not have a current Debit Card, please contact us to request an access number. Get account balances, transfer funds, stop payments and access the latest rates at your convenience – 24/7.


On-Line Banking and Bill Pay

If you’ve been using one or both of these services at First Bank of Delaware, you appreciate the importance of securing your identity and account information. Therefore, because of our enhanced security systems and unique identifiers, passwords and log-in procedures, you will need to enroll at Bryn Mawr Trust.


You should have received instructions explaining how to log-in, establish your password and access your accounts. If you have not received these instructions please contact us at 610-525-1700.


You can enroll for On-line Banking beginning on Monday, November 19th. Go to www.bmtc.com and click on “Select A Service to Login,” then select “PC Banking” from the drop-down menu to get started. Your payee information will be transferred automatically; however, we ask that you confirm that all information has been transferred properly.


The Bryn Mawr Trust Difference
From your first encounter with Bryn Mawr Trust, you'll see what makes us different and better! Call us for more information at (610) 525-1700.