Professionals focused on your needs.


Since 1889, the professionals at Bryn Mawr Trust have focused
on helping individuals, families, businesses and organizations
create, manage, preserve and transfer wealth. 


Thoughtful, helpful and personal.

Delivering professional service just that way, all the time, is the
unique principle that guides our activities.  It’s all done by some
of the best financial experts in the region. 


Our Value Proposition is straightforward:
 Provide the highest quality banking and investment services
 Maintain a staff of well-trained professionals who understand
 that friendly and prompt service is of the utmost importance
 to our clients.
 Ensure that our clients have access to senior management,
 including the President.
 We have been an independent local bank and trust company
 for over a century, and we continue to be committed to making
 the Philadelphia area a better place for residents and businesses.


Bryn Mawr Trust is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bryn Mawr
Bank Corporation, a one-bank holding company publicly held and
traded on NASDAQ (BMTC). Our headquarters are in Bryn Mawr,
Pennsylvania, 12 miles west of Philadelphia